Info From Posh Spice In My Pocket Book

Full name:Victoria Adams
Date of birth:7 April 1975
Distinguishing marks:Small diamond in fingernail
Height:5ft 6in
Posh Spice claims her talents are wearing heels,carrying a handbag and looking miserable.'Everybody says to me "Why don't I ever smile?"I don't like it when I smile because I get dimples'
Victoria was a bit of a swot at school-she always did her homework on time.
NEVER call Victoria 'Vicky'-she hates it!
Victoria says that her parents always let her do what she wanted so she never had to disobey them.
Victoria's a real romantic-she likes nothing better than watching a nice soppy film and going out for an intimate dinner afterwards.
Posh Spice always got out of doing p.e. at school because her mum wrote excuse letters for her.
'When I was little,I always thought "I want to be famous"'
Posh Spice thinks George Michael is 'cool,sexy and classy with a very symmetrical beard'
Cheating on a boyfriend is something Posh Spice would never do.
Victoria hates Japanese food.
Posh Spice has a diamond pierced through one of her fingernails.
Victoria first met Geri at an audition for 'Tank Girl'
Victoria's mum approves of her daughter's nickname,Posh Spice-She'd like to be known as Posh mum!
When Victoria and Emma were younger,they were in a musical together.
Before Victoria was a Spice Girl,she tried to work as a dancer.She always lied about her height and turned up at auditions in high heels.
Shopping for designer clothes is Victoria's favourite past time.
According to Mel C,Victoria is tidy,organised,business-minded and logical.Victoria claims that she's a worrier and a bag of nervous energy.
If Posh Spice was an animal she says she'd be a Siamese cat.
Victoria was once stopped by the police because she was in such a Posh car and they thought she looked too young to be driving it.In fact it was hers so there was no problem.
Victoria claims that Cindy Crawford wants to play her in the Spice Girl movie.She said no.
Victoria's dad used to take her to school in his rolls royce-now that's Posh!