Spice Odyssey-This adventure game is really fun,you pick a Spice Girl and race through one of each levels.Each Spice Girl has a special move called "GIRL POWER",you'll find out more about this once you play the game.
(Requires ShockWave)

Spice Christmas-This is an addictive puzzle game,it's really fun.Try it out!!!

The Mystery Of The Missing Master-This is not really a game,check it out anyways.

Pepsi Main Page- This is the Pepsi homepage,there are many games to be found here,some Spicy games(above) and some non-Spicy games.

None of the above games are mine.If you have any games or screen savers,cursors etc. please email me and tell me about it. It must be a Spice related,tell me a game and I'll link it Plus I'll give you credit!